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Kingdom Hearts is not over yet, and it won't be ending anytime soon :D

oh mother of cinnamon rolls *-* Heck freaking yes!

Demyx - He was quite difficult, but I actually beat him on the first try...

Kingdom Hearts has the hardest bosses ever.

Kingdom Hearts. Always Bringing People Together

Kingdom Hearts - Awesomeness, Awesomeness At It's Finest

"My what?" xD Sora - Kingdom Hearts

Welllll, Sora kinda did what Rapunzel did too, no? I mean, they both snuck away from home, but I guess Sora's mom noticed earlier than Mother Gothel.

Darkside is so easy, it's barely even a boss. The Lingering will, on the other hand...

Pretty sure every KH game has a similar scenario.

Why the complicated names, Square Enix? Why?

Why the complicated names, Square Enix?

I'm gonna cry, that is the best use if a dusk ever!

this is so me, i would wake up at like 4 o'clock in the morning to play videogames before school XD!

How the Kingdom Hearts fandom sees the darkness

How the Kingdom Hearts fandom sees the darkness XD

BBS taught you that friend have to make sacrifices and sometimes go their own way but you still have a bond - that's the way I see it anyway

Birth by Sleep taught me some pretty important stuff like how you can't always get what you want and how true friends are true to the very end. And Kingdom Hearts III is currently teaching me that some things are worth the wait. Even ten years of it

Let this be me

My history grade isn't that great. ~The Dazzler