Sherlock and Mycroft Holmes.

Sherlock and Mycroft - okay, I've seen that episode 3 times, and they never said that, do when they say 'actual dialogue' I'm not sure what they mean (unless it was a deleted scene or something).


I always see these quotes about Sherlock wanting to be a pirate and then the fandom draws cute little images of kid!lock dressed as a pirate, but what if Sherlock meant pirate as in modern-day-scary-big-guns-attacking-tankers-and-kidnapping-people pirate?

"Sherlock and Mycroft annoy each other headcannon.  This is just brilliant."

Sherlock and Mycroft annoying each other on a grand scale, as is the Holmes brothers' wont. This is simply brilliant -- head-canon accepted.

Then there's john pointing at the floor where his chair should be as if even Anderson wouldn't know what should have been there.

Sherlock moved John's chair because he couldn't stand it being empty. On a side note, its not that hard to fold a frame into a chair like that. (ahh, the vacant chair; so sad, it hurts my heart!

so true

Except we're not scared; we're excited a murderous psychopath is back from the dead. Sherlock/ Harry Potter--- he who must be staying alive!

Too funny :) when I read this I figured it had something to do with Moriarty. < He ate cheese?! Really?! What a way to spend your time in a palace, Jim! :)<<< What did you EXPECT him to do?...

The first thing I thought of was, "Honey, you should see me in a crown. Because my first thought was 'Honey, you should see me eating cheese crackers.

Johns reactions become more & more annoyed

John is getting less impressed by the episode - imagine how unimpressed he'll be when he finds out Sherlock survived the Riechenbach fall<--- Well of course you did, Sherlock. Took you long enough.