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kristenmerieandacupoftea: “An understatement (at SoHo, Manhattan) ”

❂уσυ'яє му ѕку fυℓℓ σf ѕтαяѕ❂ ↠『ρяєттумαʝσя11』↞

"The Last Billboard" A 36 foot long billboard located at the corner of Highland and Baum in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Cell Phone Backgrounds, Life Plan, Kind Words, Poetry, Cute Words, Cell Phone Wallpapers, Poem

A Galeria de hoje tem um toque melancólico, mas a gente gosta mesmo assim…

galeria - amores abandonados

abandonedloveseries: “i’m hurt but I miss you quote by anonymous // banner & photography by peytonfulford ”

pluto- It definitely ruins the song I learned in like grade to remember the planets order.

we should've tried... - instead we lied - later we cried... I still do.

"Laurence Anyways" is a 2012 Canadian romantic drama film written, edited, and directed by Xavier Dolan

Abandoned Love by Peyton Fullford

Five Good Things: From Wes Lego to Heartbroken Buildings

abandonedloveseries: “loving you is exhausting quote by vikhau // banner & photography by peytonfulford ”


” - Milena Bonilla “Think about all the hours forgotten plays were rehearsed.

What if someone wrote that on that machine FOR the machine after it broke down/wasn't used anymore after they went to war and through space and beat people against the odds together?