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25 Clever Print Ads

Print may slowly be giving way to television and Internet, but it is still one of the most powerful advertising mediums. Millions of people from all around the


30 Brilhantes Anúncios Minimalistas

Creating a memorable and clever print ad is no easy feat and usually the best ideas are put together by a group or are come up with randomly. These print ads

los juguetes de play doh no requieren internet

algunos problemas de la era digital hechos con plastilina de play-doh


5 ejemplos de cómo hacer un buen diseño de publicidad impresa

shadow Loved the simple concept in this poster. The eye drifts naturally downward into the shadow of the Legos. A great ad that symbolizes the imagination that Legos foster. Best of all it conveys this this with absolutely no text.

Viele kreative Print-Anzeigen

Viele kreative Print-Anzeigen

creative print ads: WMF knives "Cutting board" "Sharper than you think. The WMF Grand Gourmet knife with Damasteel blade.

25 Funny & Creative Ads | From up North

Creative advertising

The Print Ad titled Visit Online was done by Arrow advertising agency for Durex in United Arab Emirates.

awesome public awareness poster ads

Soo true hehe 20 Clever Indian Impressionable Public Awareness Poster Ads That Redefine Creativity

Anständige Werbung für Porno-Seite gesucht – das sind die Finalisten - Storyfilter

_ advertising: you know the difference by pornhub _ Finalist in Pornhub's Search for a Brilliant Non-Pornographic Ad