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Harry Potter nails!♡

16 Book-Inspired Nail Art Designs

Harry Potter Hogwarts House color nails with the Deathly Hallows! // We all have too much time on our hands… literally, but I'm a sucker for wizard crap.

Ginny Weasley - Happy birthday!! Aug 11th

Book Ginny has way more nerve than movie Ginny! And she has a lot more facial expressions! I love Bonnie Wright though

harry potter

I hate this idea that Ginny was "the girl who waited"-- no she wasn't. She didn't wait for Harry, she rebuilt the DA and fought from within Hogwarts. She didn't wait for anyone to save or protect her. Ginny was strong all on her own.


Anything and everything about Harry James Potter and Ginevra ("Ginny") Molly Weasley from JK Rowling's Harry Potter series.

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ginny weasley harry potter film MY EDIT dh deathly hallows hp seamus finnigan hpedit padma patil such as this in dire need of more badass movie ginny moments

Some of the weasleys

The Weasley family. Fred on the left, Ron, Ginny, George on the right. Haha, I can ALWAYS *wink wink* tell them apart.