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Futuristic Interior Design: 20 polygonal and geometric objects you’ll love

Futuristic Interior Design: 20 polygonal and geometric objects you'll love

Back-lit accent wall. (JohnHoushmand furniture and architectural features) This is the coolest thing I've ever seen. It would make a great accent wall, especially if it was backlit.

ross lovegrove: concept car for renault    collaborating alongside industrial designer ross lovegrove, renault has unveiled their plans to release a concept car that will  explore and determine the company's future strategic direction at the triennale of milan from april 9-14. by examining nature,  the systems and energy transactions of project intend to bring awareness and understanding of the phenomena and the current  environmental impacts within a transportation context.

At PLAY - Renault and Ross Lovegrove: Reneault's new concept car, illustrating the "Play" phase of their Design Strategy to debut at the 2013 Milan Triennale, April

SNAP! by Nick Kaloterakis [Futuristic Vehicles: http://futuristicnews.com/category/future-transportation/]

Image via Lada Raven Concept Car Image via Dolphin concept car is the third winner of Michelin design challenge it reflects the principle of sporty, scientific and futuristic.

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