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Cute and funny!

Boston Terrier Hipster Dog best thing i've ever seen!

Personal space

My Boston definitely doesn't know the meaning of “personal space.” haha so true but thats why we love em!

This is my serious face.

Rudolf the red nosed bulldog ! Let the holiday season begin !

Oh my...

So You’re Saying that Smell Came from Me? (Photo) “Here is a funny picture of a Boston Terrier with big eyes wondering why you’re saying that smell came from him.

Lol I've seen this face before...that's what they were thinking haha

Suspicious Boston Terrier - My Sugar looks just liker this one and loves treats. I've had three Boston Terriers they are excellent dogs. I lost my Dixie on Mother's Day this year and we had to get another one for our other Dog.

Yoda Dog ... Re-pinned by StoneArtUSA.com ~ affordable pet memorials since 2001

Funny Pug Yoda Costume Star Wars - I love puggles and I love YODA how could you not love this pic?

I want a flying monkey!

Funniest doggy costumes I have seen so far! Boston Terriers as flying monkeys from Wizard of OZ.lol they look soooo unhappy in those outfits! I guess the fact that most dogs dislike the costumes makes them more funny to me then cute.

This is just too funny!... pinned with Pinvolve - pinvolve.co

Boston Terrier - Friendly and Bright

Puppy Spa day- we just had to include this :) My pup would definitely be joining me at my at-home spa day :) Haan Lohmeyer Haan Lohmeyer McCoy Jeunesse and

Why did my mom never make this for our Lhasa?

Ewok Star Wars Dog Halloween Costume, Too funny


Puppy :) a baby Corgi! One ear up and one down, LOL, So cute!