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The research suggests that the star sign Aquarius (shown) is most linked with being a celebrity, as it is both ‘assertive’ or ‘bright’ and is also considered ‘wet’

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The symbol (glyph) for the Zodiac sign Aquarius, the Water-Bearer, its meaning and origin. By Swedish author Stefan Stenudd.


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Stock vector of Aquarius Zodiac Sign. Vector Art by Jena_Velour from the collection iStock. Get affordable Vector Art at Thinkstock Canada.


Quirky Aquarius, the Water-bearer, is an Air sign whose dual nature creates a unique, intellectual, and social individual who cares deeply for community and mankind.

Top 15 Aquarius Tattoo Designs

Top 15 Aquarius Tattoo Designs

Just like other sun signs have a place in tattooing, also the Aquarius sign holds a great place in tattoo world. Have a glance at this top Aquarius tattoo designs