Original Eye Painting by Alex Strangler by AlexStrangler on Etsy, $60.00

Original Eye Painting by Alex Strangler

"Looked at my cat one day and had the realisation that this guy was my best friend."

23 Beautiful Pet Tattoos That Show They're Your Friend For Life

I want an anatomically correct heart tattoo on my arm so that one day when I get a full sleeve of tattoos I can say that I wear my heart on my sleeve :)

My heart misses you as if I no longer had any skin on my body. Ingmar Bergman, from a letter to Liv Ullmann, cited in “Liv & Ingmar”

1337tattoos: Violeta Arús • (b)rittle THIS IS GORGEOUS. HOLY SHIT. I WANT THIS SO BADLY

by … But imagine a naked female in the trunk. Head hanging back on the left, body over the top, legs on the right.