Mother's Day Mini Cakes

Hand-painted mini cakes are perfect for a wedding dessert table or to use as individual favors for guests ~ Leslea Matsis Cakes

Mini Cakes

Mini Cakes

Valentine Mini Pink cakes

Happy Valentine’s day everyone. Hope you all like my Valentine day mini pink cakes.

Daisy on an opal inspired mini cake, created by Lindy Smith, of Lindy's Cakes, at one of her mini cake classes.

Mini cakes to inspired you by best-selling author and cake designer Lindy Smith

Mini cakes are cute and adorable, bite-sized packages of sophistication. Making and decorating mini cakes is always fun.

That Cute Little Cake: {The Pink Week} Miette inspired mini-cake with link to rose tutorial

We will be selling little cakes with this sort of theme. Very delicate and small cakes.

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