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Refinery29: The Baiden mitten is the best thing to EVER happen (to your skin)  I am SO intrigued by this.

Baiden Mitten Review - Skin Exfoliation Glove

Here are 3 simple methods to help with Acne scar removal.

Baiden Mitten

7 Simple and Natural Skin Care Tips. Find out more at http://originalbaidenmitten.com/7-simple-natural-skin-care-tips/ Baiden Mitten #skincare #beauty #baidenmitten
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Scarguard MD patented scar treatment is the only product that combines four treatments into an easy-to-use product. Scarguard MD is a liquid that is easy to apply and dries quickly to a nearly invisible protective film. (love love love)

Scarguard - Scarguard MD (15 ml)

Game Changer: The Baiden Exfoliating Mitt is Actually Life-Changing | Daily Makeover.  Hmmm???

Game Changer: The Baiden Exfoliating Mitt is Actually Life-Changing

Microdermabrasion without Chemicals? It Works with Baiden Mitten! - Informed Sharing - a mitten that removes all those toxins and uses no chemicals to do so...amazing. And it really does work. Inside and out, I feel more clean, clear, and my skin is so very soft. Just love this Baiden Mitten!
June Jacobs Rapid Repair Healing Cream protects and nourishes the skin, making it more resilient.