One of the prettiest, most romantic, lovely pictures in the world. Period! And that's ME with him ;) <333

Here?s Your First Look at Cinderella?s Wedding Dress!

I loved that wedding dress, it's so ethereal! Lily James (Cinderella) and Richard Madden (Prince AKA "Kit") - Cinderella directed by Kenneth Branagh - Costume Design by Sandy Powell


Cinderella 2015 blue ball gown lily james behind the scenes "Behind the many layers, the gown is a feat of structural engineering. We started with the underwear: the corset and the crinoline (skirt cage), which was made of steel "

Lily James & Richard Madden

he Toni Maticevski Wedding Gowns are clothes worn by the brides on their wedding day. The style of these Wedding Dresses depends upon the religion

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DIY your photo charms, compatible with Pandora bracelets. Make your gifts special. Make your life special! Cinderella (Ella) and Prince Kit (Prince Charming) / Lily James and Richard Madden

Cinderella ❤️

Luxurious: In just eight weeks, Lily James, the British star of Disney’s new blockbuster Cinderella (pictured), has worn more than worth of frocks, shoes and jewellery

Prince Kit and Cinderella

This is a symbolic moment for Juliet because it was the moment when Juliet´s life changed completely.

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Cinderella by on DeviantArt. My friend would go insane if she saw this picture. She loves the new Cinderella.