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Галина Егоренкова — художник-иллюстратор из Орла, рисует удивительные, сказочные иллюстрации для детей. Ее рисунки так и дышат волшебством и добротой... http://illustrators.ru/illustrations/563226_original.jpg

"Bears star" by ArtGalla Ursa minor and Ursa major Upper arm and shoulder half sleeve. Definitely the bears and constellations. Change the bears to grizzly. Instead of ships possibly hiking trail or highway. Possibly greyscale instead of color.

jackie morris❤

The Guardian by Jackie Morris art winter goddess polar bear

Eric Fan’s otherworldly prints open a portal to an alternate dimension populated by familiar sci-fi figures and absurdist pop culture characters. Anything is possible—time travel, defiance of gravity, talking animals. Take a look this stratospheric tea party and ponder whether the taste of Earl Grey improves with elevation.

Tea at 2000 feet by Eric Fan. Always give credits to the artists you're posting. This is an illustration by Eric Fan (Toronto).

Bear Illustration Watercolor Painting - Black Friday Cyber Monday - Large Archival Print - Rafi the Honey Bear by RiverLuna on Etsy

Today I Vow

transcendentalism “The spirit of man can endure only so much, and when it is broken. only a miracle can mend it.” -John Burroughs By Lauren_Murray This image is so amazing because this woman is taking a leap of faith to find herself in nature.

Blanche comme neige?

Shalom Harlow as sexy Disney princess snow white photographed by Francois Nars

djevojka: Bears star by ~ArtGalla

pagewoman: “ Sailing by the Stars by Art Galla ”

ART BY AYHAM JABR Towards the Within 2

Try to make sense of what you see, and wonder about what makes the universe exist. Be curious.

:: Sweet Illustrated Storytime :: illustration by Barbara Firth :: Plod, plod, plod from "Let's Go Home, Little Bear", 1991

‘PLOD PLOD PLOD’ Barbara Firth from the book ‘Let's Go Home, Little Bear’ published by Walker Books Ltd in 1991 Media used: Watercolour and pencil

"Come Kitty, let me tell you a story......"

Dream Fort by Erin McGuire I remember reading to my cat as a child. Now, as an adult with all my children mostly grown… I am left once again, reading to my cat.