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Beautiful Berengaria ~ Colorized by RMS-OLYMPIC on DeviantArt

Hamburg-Amerikas' ss "Imperator" launched in larger and more luxurious than the "Titanic" - seen here as Cundard Lines "Berengaria"

Last sailing for the Mauritania on its way to the scrap yard

rendellstreet: “ The Mauretania about to pass under the Forth Bridge.

ocean-liners: “ The Empress of Britain, with Olympic laid up in the background ”

The flagship RMS Empress of Britain II, behind which sits the RMS Olympic, sister ship to the RMS Titanic, bridging two eras of ocean transportation (c.

1946: Aquitania in her twilight years, sporting her wartime grey with traditional Cunard funnels.

Aquitania in her twilight years - RMS Aquitania - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The MAURETANIA leaving New York in 1963 in her new ‘cruising green’ colors.

The MAURETANIA leaving New York in 1963 in her new ‘cruising green’ colors.

Rms Oceanic

Title: Docking a big liner, S. Oceanic Date: 1903 Photographer: Detroit Publishing Company Source: Notes: RMS Oceanic was a transatlantic ocean liner built for the White Star Line.

Mauritania's fantail

The Cunard liner RMS Mauretania broke the record for the fastest eastbound transatlantic crossing in 1907