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The first supersonic jet bomber: B-58 “Hustler”

Soon after the WWII, when the development of the first jets succeeded, scientists had to address the problem of breaking the sound barrier. During the arms

B58 Hustler Pima Air & Space Museum

Convair Hustler was a Mach 2 bomber. This particular one was the last delivered, serial number It is part of the Pima Air & Space Museum's collection and is located about five miles SE of Tucson, AZ.

Northrop YB-35 flying wing strategic bomber. Predecessor to the B-2 stealth bomber.

Inside the Flying Wing (Jan, The future arrived 66 years ago.

V-Bomber Handley Page Victor

Hadley-Page Victor first flew in 1959 as part of the RAF "V" bomber fleet. It's role changed to Photo Recon in 1968 and then to aerial tanker in Victor were retired in

Convair B-58 Hustler

Flightdeck Friday: Valour-IT Challenge Edition – The Hustler

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There's nothing quite like driving on the highway near the home of the Stealth Bombers as they fly towards you (they look like a dash mark) or fly over you and you see the shade of a triangular shape over your car and the shadow on the ground

Last early morning take off JFK

Thirteen years ago today - 24 Oct 2003 - a British Airways Concorde left JFK International Airport for the last Atlantic crossing. Fourteen aircraft flew for 27 supersonic years with just one fatal.