PEL302: 'Côte d'Azur - Pullman Express' by Charles Avalon - Vintage posters - Art Deco - Pullman Editions

"Côte d’Azur - Pullman Express", Graphic and Illustration by Charles Avalon ~ Original Vintage ArtDeco Travel Poster.


LONDON Transport Travel Underground Bus Train Night Art Deco Bauhaus Poster Print Vintage Retro Original Design Vogue Cityscape on Etsy,

Erte-- Art Deco

Romain de Tirtoff (under psuedonym Erté) was a russian born artist that developed his career in fashion during the art d.

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vintage travel poster travel photo story from Italian island, Sardinia Autumn in Ireland, beautiful! Detroit, Michigan - Vintage Car and Skyline (12x18 Art Print, Wall Decor Travel Poster): Home & Kitchen

Detroit vintage travel poster Shape of the text is round ( similar to tiles of the car in the front ) & "broken colour" effect

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'Alfa Romeo – Lake Como' by Charles Avalon - Vintage car posters - Art Deco - Pullman Editions - Alfa Romeo

Art Deco Car Posters | Details about Art Deco Poster/Car/New Mercury 8/1940 Ford Mercury-8

Art Deco Poster/Car/New Mercury 8/1940 Ford Mercury-8

gandalfthesexy: “ Art Deco car posters, I don’t think the round forms will ever be brought back which is a real shame.