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i feel like id be bothering them with something rather unimportant "oh uh yeah theres a strange smell and its been here for a few fours and it smells like this-" "GEY OUT RIGHT NOW HOW HAVE YOU NOT DIED YET"

Tumblr Schmumblr

Tumblr Schmumblr Part 26

The time someone "tried to act normal" by asking their mum about her sex life. This is my mum most likely

Ha haha. My name is Mary. Ha

Friend Mary kept hiding Justin Beiber's water bottles to piss him off. Your friend Mary is an inspiration to us all

I like the idea of them all screaming at someone's breasts<<< bahahahha this also happens when someone sees a bra strap "excuse me, I am a teenage girl wearing a bra, THIS IS HORRIBLE"

"Mayonnaise" <<< are you Satan then. <<< yes, I already posted this but I'm doing it again because I have now confirmed why I said Mayonnaise