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Cedar Wright on the Gravity Ceiling (5.13a), Yosemite.

Higher Cathedral Rock from Yosemite Valley. Here, Cedar Wright on his route The Gravity Ceiling, a roof on Higher Cathedral Rock in Yosemite, California. Higher Cathedral Rock is the leftmost of the three Cathedral Rocks, found just south across t

Alex Honnold, Rock Star - WSJ

Alex Honnold, Rock Star

Live voting controls decisions of a BMW-sponsored film crew (Agency: KBS New York)

Trusted and Guaranteed Since 1920. - KATIE LAMBERT CLIMBING - ATHLETE [[MORE]] Photo...

Trusted and Guaranteed Since 1920. - KATIE LAMBERT CLIMBING - ATHLETE [[MORE]] Photo...

With my slight fear of #heights, I'm happy to be in my comfy apartment, as opposed to chillin' on the side of cliff.  Would you do this?

Portaledge Camping, Yosemite, California These people are NUTS! But it would be AMAZING! Maybe if i wasn't scared to fall off in my sleep!

Painful on the fingers... but ultimately really fun and exhilarating.

This color rock-climbing guide presents all of Joshua Tree in a single volume, describing more than 3000 of the finest climbs, including several of the better bouldering circuits, and some of the park’s fantastic hikes.

Dean Potter the slackline walker - who is also a rock climber - has carried out death-defying stunts at Yosemite National Park. From clinging to the edge of cliffs with no safety rope to delicately perching on an inch-thick highline 2,600ft above Yosemite falls, Potter pushed himself to the limit to conquer incredible heights last year.

Fine line between life and death: American daredevil wobbles his way across Chinese canyon almost 6,000 above sea level... without a safety net

Tightrope WalkerReal-life daredevils don't need fake backgrounds. This is Dean Potter caught by Photographer Jeff Cunningham as he teased the Grim Reaper at Taft Point in Yosemite.