Norwegain Skolebrod - One of my favorite things in the whole wide world

Norwegian skolebrød – possibly the tastiest pastry ever. This is the dough recipe that I've found works best in this part of the world, but I use all-purpose flour. Use homemade vaniljekrem to fill

school bread The new art of baking: Hveteboller - Norwegian Cardamom Sweet Buns

I have just returned from my sojourn to Norway for a month and boy, was I influenced by their bread culture. Yup, you heard me rig.

Norwegian coconut macaroons or kokosmakroner are an easy to prepare, easy to make popular Christmas cookie. Be sure to use unsweetened shredded coconut, so the cookies don't turn out too sweet.

Norwegian Christmas Cookie Recipe: Norwegian Coconut Macaroons - Norsk Kokosmakroner - Thanks For The Food

This was a Christmas treat every year at my home as well as at the Norwegian picnics in the area when I was growing up. Thought I would post since I noticed that it is a rare recipe. All I can say is those Norwegians know how to make delicious things out of very little.

Flotegrot, Norwegian Cream Pudding

One of my favorite things about the holiday season...traditional Norwegian Krumkakes.

One of my favorite things about the holiday season. Dad and I usually spend a night making a big batch of these before Christmas.

a sofa in the kitchen: Riskrem: The Ultimate Norwegian Comfort Food

Riskrem: The Ultimate Norwegian Comfort While growing up, mom used to make this for me and Krissie (a lot).

Norweigen Lefsa. With Erik's family this is a holiday tradition. I learned how to make it from Erik's Grandma Louann. We always spread it with butter and sprinkle on cinnamon sugar, roll up and enjoy.

Norwegian Potato Lefsa Recipe,the recipe calls for heavy whipping cream which you can use but we have always just used milk either or whole

Norwegian Christmas Cookies - ferdakost

she used a touch of food color to make the Almond stuff a bit Green & a bit red. i LOVED going to HER house.

Norwegian Coleslaw

Norwegian Coleslaw

Norwegian Coleslaw Recipe- Recipes This tasty recipe was give to me by a friend whose ancestors were from Norway. I especially enjoy bringing this salad dish to family get-togethers since I can make it days ahead. A pint of it also makes a nice gift.

tastycookery | Norwegian Potato Klub

Norwegian Potato Klub

Skolleboller (Norwegian cardamom-scented, vanilla custard-filled, coconut-dusted buns).

Norwegian cardamom-scented, vanilla custard-filled, coconut-dusted buns This is Post in my "Bun in the Oven" series.