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Painted wooden beads add a little extra flair to these easy-peasy #DIY plant hangers.

DIY Beaded Plant Hangers

Painted wooden beads add a little extra flair to these easy-peasy DIY plant hangers.

DIY VERTICAL PLANT HANGER TUTORIAL. I really love macramé plant hangers - they’re a great way to add some green to the home and are perfect for growing herbs or even your own edible flowers... #VerticalGardening #PlantHanger #DIY

Discover an originial idea to add lush greenery to even the tiniest of abodes with our DIY Vertical Plant Hanger Tutorial.

DIY T-shirt plant hanger.  See full instructions here : http://shopwalkinlove.com/t-shirt-plant-hanger-diy/

T-Shirt Plant Hanger // DIY

Macrame plant hangers are becoming popular, they're a stylish way to create hanging planters out of ordinary pots!

23 Most Amazing Macrame Plant Hangers DIY Ideas

DIY: T-Shirt Plant Hanger - Tutorial. I've started buying hanging plants for my new porch and was thinking of making some 'macrame' hangers for the pots. I like this updated idea and will certainly give them a try.

Neutral Beige Macrame plant hanger by TheVintageLoop on Etsy

Neutral Beige Macrame plant hanger

20 DIY Macrame Plant Hanger Patterns

20 DIY Macrame Plant Hanger Patterns

A macrame plant hanger is a great idea for any space. Throw it back to style with an adorable macrame plant hanger! Add more greenery and life to room!

OMG gorgeous driftwood macrame wall hanging plant hanger. Love it for the living room! https://www.etsy.com/uk/listing/289867021/driftwood-macrame-plant-hanger

Large Macrame Plant Hanger - Wall Hanging Geometric Design with Driftwood

I love this project for the ease and simplicity of it.  You could easily whip out three of these babies in 30 minutes once you get the hang of it.Now, before anyone gets too upset, I know this isn't actually macrame.  This is just my super simple way to make a jute plant hanger that mimics the macrame style.I love having plants around the house.  They reduce carbon dioxide levels and other air pollutants,  and they just look so beautiful and fresh.

Simple DIY Macrame Plant Hanger with Video Tutorial


Little hanging plant pots are our current fave and we want to fill our living spaces with them!

Himmeli tutorial-hanging diamond structure

Get crafting ideas for home decor! Check how to make these easy DIY home decor craft projects for bedroom, living room and kitchen.

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Braided Macrame Plant Holder