Frank Auerbach - HEAD OF EOW., SKETCH II, (oil on board) 1961

Frank Auerbach, Early Works 1954 – exhibition installed by independent curator and art historian Catherine Lampert will feature eighteen works from private collections, oil paintings and charcoal drawings, some not seen for over thirty years.

frank auerbach

Frank Auerbach: Head of J. II Frank Auerbach (born April is a German-born British painter.

Frank Auerbach, Tate Britain, review: 'astonishing'

Frank Auerbach, Tate Britain, review: 'astonishing'

Frank Auerbach E. half-length nude 1958 Private collection courtesy of Eykyn Maclean LP

Frank Auerbach:  Looking Towards Eversholt Street III

As a common art collector or taking selling of them as a hobby, is it profitable for a fan to invest in modern British Art? Are people interested in the contemporary paintings or are they still interested in the classical and old generation art forms

FRANK AUERBACH B. 1931 E.O.W., 1972

FRANK AUERBACH B., 1972 oil on board 10 x 6 inches x cm - I like this image as the brushstrokes alone provide a lot of texture to the painting, almost giving it a feel.