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Isis - Egyptian Goddess

I got: Isis, The Goddess of Magic! Which Egyptian God/Goddess Are You? My husband is Oriris, the god of the underworld!

The Egyptian God Family Tree (oh god. The lettuce story. That kills me everytime.)

Get Tangled in These Mythical God Family Trees

Egyptian God Family Tree Trying to keep up with the lineage of most gods and goddesses in ancient mythologies is quiet a task. However, in today's infographic, Korwin Briggs at Veritable Hokum doe.


malificarxlove: indigo-atlantia-siren: Aset/Isis Statue This right here is Aset and Het-hert in their synchrtetized form. You can tell because of Aset’s wings and Het-hert’s solar disk and horns.

Isis, Egyptian Mother Goddess, of fertility, death and rebirth, healing and High Priestess.

Egyptian Goddess Isis - Fertility Goddess and Goddess of magic and healing are some of her most important roles.