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There was that video were it had a jump cut and Tyler said "guys I just learned something about phill and I'm not allowed to tell you"

Ha, aww

Awwww Pete talking about signing the very young at the time, Panic! At The Disco.

Gerard WAY I'm dying <<<It's Gerard Whale now

I can't breathe xD<<<<< Usually it is his first name that is screwed up

Just get back together?? Ya'll don't even have to make new music. Jus say ur a band and do a tour every now and again if ya feel like it. Just make it chill and take it easy.

Is this fuckin real? Because I'll be really sad and pissed and filled with vain hope if it is.

F*ck those people they are so anoying

F*ck those people they are so anoying<<I had to tell someone to their face that MCR broke up. He thought they'd be on Warped Tour this summer. At least I found it online and was able to cope in an empty computer lab

....what is life?

I hate imagining Frank crying and I HATE thinking Gerard would ever hurt him. So not okay I'm not even going to make an MCR pun about it.

I want this on my gravestone

When I die, someone, please, write on my gravestone: "She joined the Black Parade."<<<I made a playlist called 'play this at my funeral' it's all mcr

This is the most accurate description of the fandom I've seen

This is the most accurate description of the fandom I've seen<<*dies of laughter because the accuracy* this is great XD

I'm not o-fucking-kay!!!!!

I'm not o-fucking-kay! >>> Broken instruments and broken fucking hearts!