This has potential to rival the Supernatural Parody in engenuity.

To the tune of Taylor Swift's Shake It Off Can somebody explain me why I find it so funny?

Call an ambulance cause I just got a severe case of the feels...........:

Call an ambulance cause I just got a severe case of the feels.<<This is now my favorite piece of Sherlock fanart

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I love John in this episode, because it's like with that month that Sherlock is not around, John picked up on his snarkiness and his bluntness.

I demand answers for that case.  Guys they could barely fit them both into that shot

Sorry for the language, but I could not pass this up. Accurate post is accurate! Sherlock and John and the elephant in room

This was the scene where I started to believe the "this is John's Mind Place" theory. Because as amazing as John really is THIS is how he sees himself.

I think he heard his internal monologue from someone else and realized it could be true.<< I realized almost immediately what Mycroft was doing and it was still heart wrenching

Oh hey look I never noticed this......w-wall before.....has it always been there??............

John Watson's reaction to Sherlock kissing someone. Also my reaction to people kissing.

I love this!

Also, filming this scene, when John is talking to Sherlock on the phone and Sherlock cries, those are real tears. Martin's speech made Benedict cry!


I don't ship johnlock but this stil applies as their brotp<< Hahaha sure brotp you know, they have quite lot of eyesex considering that they are just bros ;


Thanks for the feels. Now if you'll excuse me, there are shattered pieces of my heart on the floor that need to be swept up.

25 Sherlock Holmes Funny Quotes #Sherlock Holmes #Funny

25 Sherlock Holmes Funny Quotes

Hudson: Marriage changes you as a person in ways that you can't imagine. Sherlock: As does lethal injection.

"Oh maaaaan... not those silly people ringing me because they need IT to help them with their PC issues AGAIN."

This has to be one of my favorite Moriarty faces ever. The other ones are his 'suprised' face, and most of the faces he makes at his trial. Not to mention every other face he does in the entire show, ever.