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✂ Las madrugadas son peligrosas, uno tiende a sincerarse y peor aún, … #fanfic # Fanfic # amreading # books # wattpad

Dawn »YoonMin

Can u not actively try to hurt me for one second

sexy mochi

Read sexi mochi from the story fan art jikook by btsjiminye with 748 reads.


out of (soon) three imagine books. a bunch of BTS Imagine~ lemme …

#wattpad #fanfiction well, tưởng tượng đi cô gái, trong truyện của tôi, bạn là nhân vật chính.

use your imagine. bts - chimpark

12 shades of Christian Chim Chim

My personal faves are for sure black, blonde and that absolutely gorgeous grey he had ❤️❤️❤️ >> and ash blonde but i loved the red hair too , scrap it i can't choose i love it all

Me: Okay why am I pinning this! Also Me: Aaaaaw happy-eating-ChimChim is the cutest ChimChim!

I find it a little funny/cute that his hair just bounces back.


Jimin ❤️ I love that hair thing he does

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Ireon: my dear gooooooooood (his dimples tho)