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Whether your style is modern, contemporary, or traditional, window & fabric treatments can make a huge difference in completing the look of your bedroom. Fabric and window treatments can add to your decor in so many ways, including…

mattress covered loft, ideal sleepover area I WANT THIS WITH MY FRIENDS ! when i am like 20 and have my own house this is my loft

Equal Relationship    Use white to balance warmth in an all-wood space. Layers of mosquito netting add a touch of romance while still letting a room breathe. Simple throw rugs also help to soften the look.

50 Colorful, Cozy Spaces

Canopy bed designs for beach bedrooms and more!

13 Bedrooms with an Abundance of Natural Light Photos | Architectural Digest

13 Bedrooms with an Abundance of Natural Light

This is pretty much my idea of a perfect bedroom. I would never leave this bedroom. Fireplace, bookshelves galore, loooong window, comfy furniture around the fireplace, and absolutely cozy bed.

looking at an awful lot of 1 1/2 floor homes.  Master Bdrm would probably end up in the 1/2... This adds class.

this is my idea of how to dress up a dark attic room in a cabin, but I am thinking my darling hubby will not go for the chandelier in his man house in the woods.


This beautiful and vintage apartment in Barcelona. The interior is done in sweet colors mostly, in pink, purple, white and red. The style used fresh furniture with vintage details. This house consists of two floor, on the first floor be…Read more ›

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Love that window behind the bed. Maybe not behind the bed, but the window is gorgeous. I also love the little sofa at the end of the bed.

Cream with navy and cognac

love the art on shelf above bed, layered. Stripe lengthens the bed. Brown chest color echoed in pillow and art , warm modern.

Que graça.

More light, more light! And the bed being tucked away under the slanted ceiling is really fun. I dream of being able to stumble out of bed into a garden, or backyard filled with trees.

With this view it would always be a good morning

Lovely view from the bed. Imagining watching sunrise all morning with a cup of hot cocoa in bed.

La casa, diseñada para una pareja y las fachadas delanteras y traseras se componen de capas de jardineras de hormigón en voladizo a partir ...

Stacking Green House, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam by Vo Trong Nghia Architects. ¨We named this tropical, unique and green house “Stacking Green” because its façades filled with vigorous and vital greenery¨.


one of my favorite things on earth is white twinkly lights. my other favorite thing is yummy soft pillows and blankets. I think this will be my new bed inspiration!

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Cozy sleeping loft There's not room to stand up in the sleeping loft, but it can be a cozy and beautiful place to spend the night. This was Jay Shafer's favorite element of the first tiny house he built, he says.

Kosi Forest Lodge

[Kosi Forest Lodge, Kosi Bay, South Africa] - a bedroom that appears when I visit that region of the world in my dimensional house.

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A Brand-New Outlook Adding a dormer window to your attic dramatically increases natural light, air circulation, and even gains some headroom. Dormers are good places for snuggly built-in beds and storage.


my dream come true. i'll take it all. the loft. the bed. the canopy. the chaise lounge. the exposed brick wall. the window. i'll take it all.