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How well do you understand carb content? Something doesn't have to taste sweet to have an effect on blood sugar levels. Banana, Pasta, Pizza, Cereal, and Granola Bars are far more difficult to adjust for than candy & ice cream.

when people are like"you cant have that ice cream it has sugar in it" and they give me a bag of chips instead thinking its better for me sugar wise.

T1D...seriously though it's just not...I mean I've never missed a shot and yet my Bg is always in the 200's...and believe me I'm not happy about it either

OMG that's so true! I've been Type 1 for 45 years.I know my body better than your damned medical books AND I've read most of them too!

oo you better believe its a rollercoaster and sometimes you have no control what so ever

Cause it's just about not eating anything sweet and taking a little insulin. Non-diabetics should keep their mouth shut about things they don't know anything about.

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Halloween Candy Carb List by the

Diabetes First Aid Kits - For Highs, Lows and Diabetic Emergencies

People with diabetes have lengthy lists of medication, equipment and devices to keep track of. This is why it can be so useful to have first aid kits.