Serenity By Child Prodigy Artist Akiane Kramarik

Serenity By Child Prodigy Artist Akiane Kramarik, wooded forest sun rays prophetic art painting.

i am ~ painted by akiane age 17 copyright © 2012 .

Akiane Kramarik - The Girl Who Paints God

Painting by Akiane Kramarik, paints God , Titled "I AM" . This is a younger Jesus than the "Prince of Peace" featured in the book & movie 'Heaven is for Real'

Child Prodigy Akiane Kramarik Paintings - Art Gallery – Art & SoulWorks, LLC

By Akiane age Butterfly Passion.butterflies surround him, bubbles represent beginning.I paint this scene to express the search for love and its meaning.

Tree of Life!

Akiane Kramarik - seen in the movie, Heaven is for Real. Young, untrained, and sheltered artist who has visions of Heaven and does an unbelievable job recreating them.