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A song for the sad ones who say they'll marry they guess by Ashleigh F.

Dress, Romwe Jacket - A song for the sad ones who say theyll marry they guess - Ashleigh F.

Sally Cinnamon (by Ashleigh F.) http://lookbook.nu/look/4778089-Romwe-Hat-Vintage-Scarf-Jumper-Office-Loafers

Romwe Hat, Vintage Scarf, Vintage Jumper, Office Loafers - Sally Cinnamon - Ashleigh F.

Never Meant (by Ashleigh F.) - http://lookbook.nu/look/4830989-Polka-Dot-Blouse-Topshop-Blazer-Jeans-Boots

Polka Dot Blouse, Topshop Blazer, Topshop Jeans, Boots or flats for warmer weather.

Shadows we are and like shadows depart (by Ashleigh F.) http://lookbook.nu/look/4153440-Shadows-we-are-and-like-shadows-depart

Ashleigh F. - Jumper, Cape, Shorts, Asos Shirt - Shadows we are and like shadows depart

Topshop Blazer, Topshop Jeans, Red Or Dead Shoes, Blouse - The Lives of Cleopatra - Ashleigh F.

Love the stripe top under the jacket-nice look. Just got the t for underneath, now need the jacket