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Hide and Seek by Lopoddity:

"Aww, did my wittle Moony-Woony harpoon that corrupted gem right in its smug bitch face?

I kinda believe that rose did shatter pink diamond but it is hard to believe

I actually really like this it ties together reactions, why the temple fusion hasn't been talked about, and still holds true that rise in someway did shatter pink diamond. I still like the idea lion is pink diamond though

Weather with Garnet

Weather with Garnet

Omg "hottest news rose quarts is still dead". if you say you did not sing this whole thing you are one big ass damn liar and I am watching you<<< I hecking sang it to the tune of stronger than you

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Haha, that's too fun

Peridot discovers her gem weapon. (I'm personally rooting for crossbow, but I'm pretty sure it's actually bombs.

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stevenuniverse, su, pearl, peridot, pearlidot---Don't care what this is called its means that the gems care for periods and it's cute