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Bleeding Hearts 'Burning Hearts'

Dicentra formosa Burning Hearts Height: Spread: Zone: 2 Foliage: green Bloom Months: Flowers: dark pink Light Requirement: shade, part shade Dwarf form with cherry-red blooms sporadically through the summer. More heat and sun tolerant than D.

Λουλούδι "ματωμένη καρδιά"

One of my favorite spring shade plants, Bleeding Heart ~ Dicentra Spectabilis.every garden should have at least one!

My great grandmother used to grow these in her garden in the 20's & 30's...Bleeding hearts - beautiful as well as useful...

Spring Flowers Photo Gallery

Blooms of the bleeding heart plant appear in early spring adorning the garden with attention getting, heart shaped flowers borne on arching stems. Learn more about growing this plant in the following article.

Growing Bleeding Hearts: How To Care For A Bleeding Heart Plant

Many are surprised that growing bleeding hearts is so simple. Once you are aware of how to grow bleeding hearts, you may want to use them to brighten dark and shady areas.

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Green pink cala lily, one of my favorite flowers. So beautiful, nature is amazing