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If you are with someone or just love relationship quotes, we have 80 couple love quotes that will warm your heart, put a smile on your face and make you want to kiss the one you love.

good night my love - Google-haku

Goodnight Baby Girl I hope you've had a great day Sleep Sweet, Sweet Dreams My Love I Love You Baby Girl! For All Eternity!

wall quote - I Still Fall For You Everyday

wall quote - I Still Fall For You Everyday


This is how I want to sleep every night with you. your hair in my face. your soft skin completely against me. no spaces. no distance. I want the last thought of my night to be how wonderful you smell and warm you feel!

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I cant wait to say goodnight when we both go to sleep on the same bed under one roof, have our meal on our dining table, and to lay down cuddling on our couch. And i cant wait for forever

Distance between us...

Distance is just a space in between. A lovely idea after my experience with long-distance relationships


I'm amazed when I look at you. Not just because of your looks, but because of the fact that everything I've ever wanted is right in front of me. Good Nite and sweet dreams my love!

Sometimes it's nice to be completely needy.

Please hug me really tight and tell me you love me. Tell me you're glad to be here with me. Tell me that everything will be alright and that I make you happy, and glad to be alive. I love you so much babe!

Before and after sex you somehow take my breath away when you put your head on my chest, run your hand on my scar and listen to my heartbeats while I'm on the machine. Knowing what I've been through, anyone else would've left...you stayed..and that's one of the many reasons my heart is yours.

I love you beyond your imagination. I want my ear pressed against your chest. listening to your heartbeat. taking in every beat! I love you Voetmann

go on and get some.sleep Baby. Snuggle up to me, hear my Goodnight and i love You and sleep tight and don't let rhe bed bugs bite. You are my Whole World and my Forever Love. Sweet dreams. i love You.

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Falling in love quote > unexpected feelings. Beautiful truth - "I remember the first day I ever looked into your eyes and felt my entire world flip".

I will extatic when the feelings are the feeling are returned by someone.

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One day you will kiss someone and know those are the lips you want to kiss for the rest of your life. I have already kissed the lips i want to be kissing for the rest of my life.