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A Pisces intuition and first impression of someone is never wrong. I've learned to trust this ability and it saves me a lot of time.

Sometimes I wish this wasn't so true about me, but it is.. It's a good thing though..

For a Pisces it's the thought that counts, not the price tag.most definitely! (No gift-No thought)

#pisces ♓ <'((((><

~Once you disrespect me & show me no compassion, all that I have ever felt…

Not sure if this is supposed to be dirty or not.... Oh well I'll pin it anyways

So what your saying is Aquarius and Pisces have this in common. What about Gemini? Cause lol, that would explain my immediate family.


Horoscope Signs : Picture Description I either feel everything or nothing and once you get me to the point of anger it means you've ruined everything and I will shut down. They don't call me the Ice Princess for nothing ‍♀️♓️

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