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I've seen those "Minimalist Posters" around and I decided to take a stab at my own versions of popular super heroes This is Part of the Avengers series . The Web Slinger

The Flash - The Justice League Poster Series - Created by MoonPoster Series available for sale on Etsy.

Awesome Silhouettes of Superheroes Reveal Their Past and Present - My Modern Metropolis

Awesome Silhouettes of Superheroes Reveal Their Past and Present

Khoa Ho created this silhouette black and white poster series to delve into the past of each of the world’s most popular superheroes. Each poster examines how the past informed who they becam…

The Doctor #superheroes iPhone wallpaper - @mobile9

The Doctor - Hulk San Francisco-based artist Khoa Ho has released volume two of his ongoing Superheroes - Past/Present poster series. It features illustrated silhouettes of well-known comic book su.

Os incríveis heróis de aquarela, por Blule - A francesa Clémentine, que assina suas obras como Blule, domina uma técnica de pintura bem antiga: a aquarela. A artista dá forma a vários heróis conhecidos, como Batman, Capitão América, Mulher Maravilha e até Mario Bros.

Os incríveis heróis de aquarela, por Blule

Captain America

This is only a portion of the killer Marvel Minimalist Posters that artist Marko Manev assembled with his creative talents. Get a print at Marvel Minimalist Posters by Marko Manev

Iron Man Hall of Armors: MARK XXVIII - Jack

The Mark 28 (Mark XXVIII), also known by its name as "Jack", is a Radiation-Zone Suit, and was one of several new Iron Man Armors created by Tony Stark.

Infografia: La Evolución de los Avengers

The Evolution Of The Avengers Infographic * Captain America * Thor * Hulk * Iron Man * Hawkeye * Black Widow * << *Ant Man* *Whasp* *Black Panther*