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Belle and Prince Adam - Beauty and the Beast

Haha this is perfect! Bahaha Anastasia's perfect! - It would be more perfect if Anastasia was actually a forgotten Disney princess but she was actually not... Anastasia was 20th Century Fox's first animated film.

Disney- Anastasia was NOT originally a Disney princess. She was created by Don Bluth and the movie was released through Century Fox. In April 2015 Disney bought the rights to Anastasia finally making her an official Disney Princess.

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Why is everyone making Gerald so inspirational

Biggest Plot Twist in Cartoon history | Funny Jokes, Quotes, Pictures, Video

Biggest Plot Twist in Cartoon history

Biggest Plot Twist in Cartoon history | Funny Jokes, Quotes, Pictures, Video

ariel and her sitter

The names and the order of King Triton's daughters aka ariel's sisters.

The Memes Factory First Dates

Haha this is so true. Why don't boys do cool stuff like that on a first date? I mean for real high standards here men.

Funny Disney Pocket Princesses Comics

Maybe I'm too analytical, but of the time the dark skinned princesses have an angry/frustrated face i.

Disney princesses in period costumes

Disney Princesses Based on Historical Period Fashion. Maid Marion based on.

Going to have to watch these movies with the kiddos and see if we can see these things.  Love it!

Disney visitors

I love that Disney movies do this! I knew of some of them but not them all so I'm using this post as an excuse to watch more Disney movies :)

Frozen texts haha

Random persons comment: I love this! Going to start doing this with my mom…. My comment: I'm way to lazy to send frozen texts to my mom.