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Marine Recon

An evolution of the proven and world-carried SEAL Pup, the SOG SEAL Ops features a recurved edge that has a longer cutting length, a drop point tip which increases strength, large thumb scallops for additional control, and perfect balance for instincti

Delta Force is a hybrid mix of all US Special Operations operators under a unified command for the purpose of fighting terrorism anywhere in the world.

The ability to move with a burden yet still fight effectively is essential to X Team members.

Seal team

Special Operations Forces Art - Special Operations Forces Combat Diver by Tom Weber

US Navy SEALS 03 We will kill you from a kayak bitch................

Navy SEALs navigate the waters in a folding kayak during jungle warfare operations

Resiliency is an important trait for all leaders, whether they are children or…

Your chances of making it through a top level Special Forces training are pretty low. Only survive. Failure is very Fail. You have a better chance of graduating Harvard Law school.

Fuerzas Especiales del Ejército Argentino - Taringa!

Fuerzas Especiales del Ejército Argentino

U.S. Navy SEAL http://intrepidallen.com/

After 2 years in the Navy, i'm going to try out for the Navy S.L's (Sea,Air,And Land) and complete the 6 month training course Called BUD's (Basic Under water Demolition)

Operator with HK UMP - Rgrips.com...AWSOME

Operator with HK UMP. He's a member of a local group of french Gendarmerie (Military police) in support of most famous GIGN.