It's terrible to waste

Napkin - Attitude "an attitude is a terrible thing to waste" We just can't say enough about the artist behind these funny napkins - she's so sassy and imaginative. Customers literally laugh out loud every time they get near her rack.

From scratch? Why yes... I scratched the label right off the bakery's box.

The napkins feature the funny, witty and sassy sayings that Anne Taintor is famous for. Paper beverage napkins measure x (folded). Anne Taintor Beverage Paper Napkins - with the saying.

Fantastic Mr. Fox party quotes | spifftacular.

Fantastic Mr. Fox party printables and tutorials

Anne Taintor Luggage Tag.

These cute little tags make me wish I travelled enough to justify buying a new luggage tag! Anne Taintor Classic Luggage Tag - 'think of me as "unexpected turbulence"'.

the reason I don't bake....

Anne Taintor Magnets:hopes and dreams would-only distract me from making these awesome casseroles