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I love these two,,, You can see this as either Jesse lifting Hanzo up or Jesse being shorter than Hanzo. Both are VERY GOOD imo bless them

lauren-n-taylor: “ Day 5: Young Love (Childhood friends going trick or treating together!) ”

lauren-n-taylor: Young Love (Childhood friends going trick or treating together!

Not plan to play Overwatch but the characters are.

Hanzo Shimada - Dragon

blacksmiley-c: “ For the lazy weekend ahead! An ArtTrade done with . A noodle for a noodle. You can see her part HERE if you haven’t already Hanzo is relaxing with his cats. I mean dragonoodles, while Jesse is.

mchanzo | Tumblr

kihanna: Why Hanzo and McCree?

mchanzo | Tumblr

oh yeah i remembered to kinda finish this

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getting tired, gunslinger?

McHanzo T_T

McHanzo T_T

suzannart: “Jesse and his three dragons :3c ”

Jesse and his three dragons by frecklesordirt