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"No, no his name's Castiel.  He wears a trenchcoat."  *enter Cas*   "Technically, it's an overcoat."

Supernatural - It was really funny, but also very sad, because they pretended they were crazy by telling the truth about their lives. 😂 he wears a trench coat


And Sam's bitchface. Gonna call it wiffy from now on. <------ sam's bitchface oH GOD

LOL! Check this out Thata???s OK Castiel at least you tried

Castiel, your mother joke, I guess it's funnier when your mother isn't dead, lol

Thank God for improvisation. :D

Supernatural ~ Yet, another fantastic SPN moment that wasn't scripted, Misha wan't paying attention, so Richard intervened

why am i still surprised????

"I have encountered my first Fandom Hijack post XD" Supernatural hijacks another post. I think the fourth kind is a butt thing.

And [Dean randomly dies in the shower]

Top one is my favorite.also "stares enviously at Sam's hair" and "yawns emotionally". My favorite isn't on there though. "Dean randomly dies in the shower.

Unless you're taking about Gilmore Girls lol

Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles. That shirt works for either of them ==>> I love Jensen's face in the last one like "Don't say Dean from Gilmore Girls. Don't say Dean from Gilmore Girls.