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Robert Redford and Jane Fonda -- Barefoot in the Park

Robert Redford and Jane Fonda ~ "Barefoot in The Park", 1967

Robert Redford e Jane Fonda in uno scatto pubblicitario per A piedi nudi nel parco (Barefoot in the park), (1967)

Robert Redford and Jane Fonda - BAREFOOT IN THE PARK ~ A delightfully funny comedy about a mismatched newlywed couple in New York, By: playwright Neil Simon

BAREFOOT IN THE PARK, Jane Fonda, Robert Redford, 1967

Jane Fonda reveals she 'fell in love every time' she acted with Robert Redford

Barefoot In The Park Jane Fonda Robert Redford 1967

Barefoot in the Park: Robert Redford & Jane Fonda

Robert Redford & Jane Fonda Barefoot in the Park

Robert Redford and Jane Fonda in Barefoot in the Park - 1967  (I love this movie!  And the play, of course...but this was greatness.)

Jane Fonda & Robert Redford between scenes & on the set of their 1967 film, Barefoot In The Park.

robert redford, paul newman, kathreen ross in butch casidy and the sun dance kid

The 10 best Robert Redford films - in pictures

Etta Place (Katharine Ross), Butch Cassidy (Paul Newman), & the Sundance Kid (Robert Redford) - Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid

Grandpa Robert Redford :)

Grandpa Robert Redford :) love this picture/.makes for a more rounded human being!

Robert Redford and Barbra Streisand, The Way We Were - 1973

r Barbra & Robert Redford, The Way We Were - 1973

Classic Robert Redford

Robert Redford wearing Pea Coat in Three Days of the Condor

Robert Redford

F&O Fabforgottennobility - bonjour-paige:Robert Redford,

Robert Redford, 1959.

Robert Redford, 1959 - looks like a Kennedy

robert redford

Visual for Gijs van Amstel

One of the sexiest scenes in this whole movie...and he's just washing her hair.  Love them both <3

out of africa Meryl Streep & Robert Redford

Robert Redford; the original Gatsby I think there's a good chance Robert Redfored was Brad Pitt's father! Really look at the resemblance!

my crushe of all-time . Robert Redford photographed by Ken Reagan

Robert Redford and Jane Fonda

June of many of us were going to see the new romantic comedy, Barefoot In The Park staring Robert Redford and Jane Fonda.

old man

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