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You are my sunshine, the oxygen I breath, my sky, all my stars, the reason why I smile everyday

Jackson GOT7

Jackson Wang's Papillon is no joke! i like it a lot. This single is a start of his solo and he will do even better in the future! Go check it out on his official yt everyone

Jackson Got7 #MCM why is he so pretty yet sooo manly

Jackson why is he so pretty yet sooo manly<<<cause he's Jackson Wang!

Hwang Jackson of GOT7 (again yes I know his surname is not Hwang obviously he doesn't hav a Korean surname so I just put him in the Hwang Family)

10 K-drama & K-pop pick-up lines that are perfect for Valentine's Day

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JACKSON WANG Man, Jackson can pull off any hair color, but I love him in blonde & platinum

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jacksons smile has to be one of the cutest most purest things in the world