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awe <3

I love that Worlds gives people this opportunity and is so supportive.

. next time someone tells me cheer  's not a  sport -_-

Next time somebody tells me cheer is not a sport I'll say but chess is? And btw a sport is an activity that involves physical exertion and skill and you still say chess is a sport and cheer is not?

This Upward Cheerleader definitely has spirit! #kids #cheerleading

This Upward Cheerleader definitely has spirit! I remember cheering Upward bound!

Being a Cheerleader Poster

Being a Cheerleader Poster

Non-framed orders made in 24 hours. Being a Cheerleader Poster created by ididitdesigns.

Basic Stunts, Dismounts and Transitions for #Cheerleading #cheerstunting

Mark Coleman goes through the steps on different stunts on the instructional cheerleading DVD Basic Stunts, Dismounts and Transitions.

Cheer quote

The trust between the flyer and her bases. Bases are important when it comes to stunting. Their would be no flyer with base(s). They are their to lift her up and catch her when needed. Thank your bases.