Beautiful Marie Antoinette/Rococo style gown sketch.

"Beauty And The Beast" concept art. Gorgeous image of Belle dressed up in her ball gown, with that unnerved look on her face. All sorts of fanfic ideas popping up.

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Disney concept art - I just wanted to point out that the middle concept of Flynn Rider looks awfully "Hookish"

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1780 hair

Extreme hairstyles in the late Rococo to Neoclassical The higher the hairstyle was, the higher your status was in society!

Countess Jeanne Du Barry (1743-1793) was a mistress of Louis XV, but did not become involved in politics as had her predecessor, Mme. Pompadour.

Countess Jeanne Du Barry or Jeanne Becu, mistress of Louis XV, historical figure and clothing by George Stuart

Long Live Marie Antoinette!

Marie Antoinette photo: Jakub Gulyás dress: Boris Hanečka hair: Renáta Márová make-up: Zuzka Klimová model: Simon, Mária Exit Model Management