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Bad Parenting Or Missing Chromosomes Photos). This post is part of our fail photos and EPIC FAIL galleries.

MyFandomInColor - Fenris Guantlets - Dragon Age 2  I really want to make this now. :3

I LOVE THIS! Sooooo gonna make this for LARP/Cosplay outfit :) Super Hero shirts, Gadgets & Accessories, Leggings, lovers armor diy

characterdesigninspiration: Faun 1 by Ana-Saphar

This is the first picture I get from my faun costume. It was taken by Yls Novak. This is a non cosplay creation.

Skyrim Helmet and Sword Tutorial (Paper Mache / foam)

Iron Helmet and Sword cosplay tutorial by ~kovah on deviantART (because I do want to do a Skyrim costume someday. when I have time to complete at least the main quest line)

Faun by Valimaa.deviantart.com

love the overlapped ring armor Faun by ~Valimaa on deviantART

Ao'Nord warrior fashion inspiration

Color of leather and the use of fur. female leather armor barbarian front view by ~Lagueuse on deviantART

Han, Luke, Padme & Other Rebel Costumes

I could steampunk this.Detailed drawings of Han Solo belt if you're doing a Han Solo costume.I will cosplay Han eventually