Phonics is also an important step in the reading process. Chapter 7 discusses the importance of phonics, phonics is the umbrealla term for instruction about letter-sound corresopndences. (Graves, 2011, p. 193)

Place inside an envelope with one end cut off. Gradually pull to reveal one letter at a time. This is a great way to help kids blend sounds gradually rather than feeling overwhelmed and giving up or guessing the word.

I love this "Shake of the Day" for CVC words and the special student of the day gets a 'smartie' for shaking a CVC word :)

Shake of the Day: CVC; shake all vowels; shake 2 words that rhyme; shake a picture and the letter of the beginning sound of that picture; Addition or Subtraction; 3 numbers in a row-example 3 dots / 3 / three

word clips - you could also do learn their telephone number too!!

word clips - we can also use numbers to learn their telephone number. Also great for fine motor development

Letter Sounds Race » Inspiration Laboratories

Letter Sounds Race

A Race to Learn Phonics - a fun way to get the kids moving and learning letter sounds! Say a letter sound and have kids race to find it first


Starting to Read: It's Playtime Fun with Phonics


Love these candy corn puzzles.  I can't find a link to a printable but I think I could make them easy enough.

Uppercase/Lowercase letter match or Beginning Sounds with Candy Corn! This would be SUPER cute for a lesson or learning center for fall!


Roll, Read and Colour a Word Family Word - from S. Little - I'll make similar sheets with non-sense CVC words that match the Jolly Phonics letters we've learned. As the year progresses, these could be made more challenging by using CCVC words.

Phonic Sounds - wouldn't hurt to have this on my wall with a strategy for decoding Looooong words. Even upper level students will forget their phonics when faced with a 3+ syllable word.

Age Suitability: Prep - Grade 2 A phonic sounds poster which illustrates the various sounds made when learning to read and write. colourful, fun, and vibrant way for kids to learn, about the English language