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bed - white décor white walls white flooring -wooden beams - a bed built for cuddles - pendant lighting - minimalist - Bedroom Design Ideas

Built by Aires Mateus in Lisbon, Portugal with date Images by Ricardo Oliveira Alves. A succession of everyday spaces occupied the lower floor of an century building on castle hillside.

Maison Drolet, Montréal, 2010

Apartments : Appealing minimalist bedroom design ideas with white blanket and wooden flooring also grey pillows picture - a part of Comfortable Contemporary Apartment Design of a Makeover Building

Sofá- banquina

Architectural Inspiration - Window Seat and corner window with a view. Sunshine Beach Pool House - by Bark Design Architects

Inspiration from interior and exterior design. I select and post the interiors that make me want to live in that room. If your photo is featured and you want it.

♂ contemporary minimalist interior bedroom design white on white #minimalist #white #bedroom

Long island

That shelf thing on the side of the bed under the lamp. ♂ contemporary minimalist interior bedroom design white on white