skeletal structure

Skeletal Sketchdump by *Canadian-Rainwater on deviantART - This skeleton is having a real good day.

Coffee Doodles for Inspiration - by Gwen Fredericks, a product designer at LG Electronics

Fight sketches

How to draw a Person holding a gun - Pose sheet - man or woman - weapon - drawing Reference

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How to draw Clothes tutorial,Manga clothes, Anime Clothes, how to draw fabric, drawing folds


Dragon tutorial, love this. Its fun to draw fantasy animals & let your mind go wherever, cause there's no right or wrong with a mythical subject!


I still learn about anatomy too. but this tutorial will show you how I draw male anatomy. So almost of this pic is inorrect from real anatomy.

Seit dem ich diese Art Hände zuzeichenen kenne zeichne ich Hände nur noch so

Ah yes, hands are notoriously difficult to draw. First off, below is a diagram of how I usually invision the shapes that make up the hand.hand drawing ref