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Heart and circulation, author and date created unknown.

Nervous System Human Anatomy Profile View by SurrenderDorothy

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I just came across this English version of the Industrial Palace on Lestaret’s Blog. Interesting! It looks like it was published by the British company Adam, Rouilly who are producing medical…

334 // MSN1 / The Human Factory

The Human Factory, published by British company Adam Rouilly

Katie Scott

science for an alternate universe -- katie scott

Edo-period medical illustration --

From: "Selection of old anatomical illustrations that provide a unique perspective on the evolution of medical knowledge in Japan during the Edo period Seyakuin Kainan Taizōzu (circa

16th century Persian anatomical illustration

Anatomical painting probably used for teaching purposes (Iran, second half of the century). They were WAY ahead of Europe.

Arteries and veins of the adult body.    Wonders of the Human Body. A. Le Pileur, 1871.

Wonders of the Human Body, A. Le Pileur, illustrated by Léveillé,

Medical Anatomy French Chirurgicale illustrée 1911

Slice of a person. Chirurgicale illustrée, anatomy in color. Archives de Doyen, images in the public domain believed to be free to use without restriction in the US.

☤ MD ☞☆☆☆ Atlas d’Anatomie Descriptive du Corps Humain, Paris, [1844-46].

☤ MD ☞☆☆☆ Atlas d’Anatomie Descriptive du Corps Humain, Paris,

Japan's first recorded human dissection, 1754    These illustrations are from a 1754 edition of a book entitled Zōzu, which documented the first human dissection in Japan, performed by Tōyō Yamawaki in 1750. Although human dissection had previously been prohibited in Japan, authorities granted Yamawaki permission to cut up the body of an executed criminal in the name of science.

Japan's first recorded human dissection Source: Nihon Iryō Bunkashi (History of Japanese Medical Culture)