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Sur mon balai...

I spent every Halloween night of my childhood, watching the moon, looking for witches.wanting to BE a witch.

crow on the haunted house

Framed Gothic Print of a Crow Standing on a Lamp (Picture Poster Dark Light Art)

She danced in the starlight Whispering a haunting tune To the night...

She danced in the starlight .Whispering a haunting tune To the night.

Black forest

This picture is of a road/pathway surrounded by trees in a foggy mist, this creates a spooky effect and atmosphere.

Doing this

✯Midnight Company by *Wyldraven✯ So me! I'm feeling very wolfy and love the night!

Quer aprender os segredos para uma capa feita pelo celular? Esse talv… #nãoficção # Não ficção # amreading # books # wattpad

MISSING'S COVERS (and other graphics): tutorials

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