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Up close and personal at the bottom of a flow-through worm bin. Showing the basic harvesting technique for the Vermbin series of designs that use conduit to .

Flow through worm bin

I have tried several models of flow through systems and continue to tinker to get the results I’m looking for. The idea is for the finished castings to fall through the grate at the bottom o…

How to Make Your Own Organic Worm Compost System

How to Build a Worm Composter

Should you use red wiggler worms or earthworms for composting?

Just some pictures of my flow through bin

Flow Through Worm Bin

Earthenricher Continuous Flow Worm Bin Harvesting

Harvest vermicompost from the Earthenricher continuous flow worm bin. Basic instructions on raising worms in a bin with convenient, continuous single-bin har.

Large Industrial Flow Through mechanical harvesting 3000x1500mm Worm Farm

Large Industrial Flow Through mechanical harvesting Worm Farm